Life is short..

Few months ago, i received a news from a friend of mine that her friend was diagnosed with uterus cancer.  The cancer was in stage 1 (as i was informed) so, she underwent chemotherapy.  I know different people has different strength to go through the chemo.  So, the chemo didn’t really help her and she passed away few days ago.

She is still young, had a loving husband and happily married for 5 years and only plan to have a wedding ceremony in the church this year.  It’s so sad that all of these were her dream to have a wedding in the church, wearing a beautiful wedding gown and have kids.  So i asked my friend, why did they have to wait for 5 years only to have the ceremony in the church?  Well i know i am in no position to ask that kind of question but i was just curious.  So, my friend told me they had been planning and save money throughout these 5  years to have their dream wedding.  Too bad, that is not going to happen.

It got me thinking, how short is our life..5 years…5 years ago i had just started my new job move to a place .. away from my family to fulfill what i want to do for my life…..and 5 years later, here i am again..all of my experiences i’ve been through…it never felt that long…i still feel fresh about everything that i experienced..i feel and i saw…as if it just happened not too long ago.

And then, I’m thinking also from the news, How easily we forget the things we had or don’t even notice what’s in front of us until its gone.  I personally only see problems in front of me more rather than happy things i had…effort people had done for me just to put a smile on my face and the opportunity that i should have grabbed…now i realise it…life is too short to mourn about everything about our life especially.  The only feeling left when its gone is just regret.  I remember my friend told me that she regretted for taking things for granted…when her friend asked her to hang have fun…all she gave was too busy and too tired.

I too, did the same thing..but yes, we cannot predict what is going to happen..certainly we never expect someone we know and we care so much to be gone in our life suddenly.  So i told my friend…we all have regrets..that we should have done this or we should have done that.  But, this life..we cannot expect everything to be perfect.  One person can give us a big impact in our life..and in this case maybe is her friend….we cannot turn back the time…all we can do is appreciate people who is still around us now.

Life is just too short to think of people who only give us heartache.  So while we are still living in this world, let’s take this opportunity to love ourselves and people around us.  Even those who hurt us….forgive them…be happy for them..and you will be happy for yourselves.  Look for the little things in life and it’s amazing how simple thing can put a smile on our face..well, at least for me.


One thought on “Life is short..

  1. I loved this and would love if you checked out my first blog and told me what you think. Im just trying to use this as an outlet and would love everyones honest oppinion. Thanks!

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